Dec 10, 2001: Took a personal leave from life after sept 11th, but I'm over it now and back in shape, ready to make my patheticly slow updates that don't seem to accomplish many things. The good things is, I have a few new characters to write about. Some odd inspirations and growing free time. So with luck, I will be able to finish all the stuff and I planned (in some plain of exsistantce) and possible completely new things.

July 18, 2001: New link buttons. :P

July 5, 2001: Geez, the one thing I DO write and now I don't have time to type it... grrr.

May 19, 2001: The same reason I made this site, is the same reason I have trouble updatings... that and work... But I have recently aquired a story idea, fizzled out from a friend and you can watch it's progress in the Pieces area. Hope you like fantasy!

March 28, 2001: Fixed some typos on my splash, how silly of me. And the main index, some out dated info there. Totally fixed the nav and touched up the bits & pieces sections.

March 19, 2001: New story idea hit me while in a local coffee shop, will it become a real story or just another piece for the heap? Who knows. I've been playing with the site nav and with directories.

March 03, 2001: More pages added, working on directories so I can put up the bits and pieces. Please report any busted URLs, I would be greatful.

Feb. 22, 2001: I started this page today. I was in a strange mood. I just felt oddly creative. It's a page of little things I write that aren't anything. Maybe some can even help you. I'm just getting the page set up but I think I'm doing pretty good. Also added my old story taxi & wolf.

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