A bit or a piece?

"Excuse me" The girl stated quietly, barely cutting through the din of the bar.

"Hhmm?" shaken from his revery, the old man she had been addressing was taken by suprise. He looked up at her from the small bar table tucked away in a back corner and "What?" he stated in an unfriendly tone.

"uumm" Suddenly looking embarrased she squeaked. "How long have you been smoking?" She studdered.

"A long time," he grunted, voice husky from years of the stuff. He returned to staring at his drink.

A moment of silence "Mind if I watch you?" Slightly bolder.

He looked grumpily at her, now realizing she was holding a small sketch book.

However irratated he had been had slightly faded replaced with mild curiousity.making no sound he just a vague guesture to the to an empty seat next to him, A shadowy smile flittered over his mouth. "May I inquire why?" He asked more interested in his company now, the faintest dying accent could be detected.

"it... it's for class, I wanted to do something dramatic, imagry. You seemed the type." She quieted herself and no dount was gathering coarge.

She makes friends and finds out he's smoking to kill himself for a long time.
Eventually he dies and the girl takes up the same method of morning.