Ideas I've been trying to hammer out. You can watch me fine tune it or even give me suggestions of what you think should happen next. Perhaps give advice on what would be a better approach!
If you want help in your stories I suggest trying an outline or possibly even character profiles. Think up a bit of history for your people to act on. I've also found that plotting the story before you start writing, a skeleton if you will, helps greatly in fleshing out the finished product.

These are pieces that I am working on for a story idea just recently passed to me, about a group of unusual heroes out to save their world. A fantasy story with some odd twists.

    The Heart of the Sea - A Sorceress made of water...

    The Volcano & The Obsidian Castle - A great castle at the foot of an active volcano?

    Entering the Castle - The Castle and volcano are unholy ground.

    The Eternal Historian - A dead man cursed with recording all of history.

    The Swamps of Ash - Where the ocean and the volcano do battle.

    The Necromancers Steed - As dead as his master.

    The Bell Tower - The final destiny of our Heros?

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May 24, 2001