-About this Site-

Hey class!

Welcome to my MCT 108 project.
This page was originally created for my computer class, for a research paper.

*About the Main Page*

- It is a "graphic intense" layout with six pieces. Five actual images and one background piece, where the links are. It took me about an hour while on the phone with a friend to piece it together. I also offer similair layouts for free on my other site of my favorite anime and comic book characters.

- This whole site is placed in one directory (netclass) consisting of the index and 7 subpages.

- To my knowledge it is best viewed in any browser at a 800x600 screen resolution and 16 bit high color.

- This site is a fan page research on my favorite actor Kenneth Branagh, a famous Irish guy that you may or may not have heard about. I'll probably leave this up as an online shrine to him, after class is over, at least for a while.

*About the Movies Section*

-This layout originally had 5 images and a background, but the two upper most pics didn't align with the rest of the corner for some reason so i removed them an replaced it with a not so fancy text title.

-It took me 2 hours of hard consentration to fit it together, much longer than the main page. Mostly because of the 3 images I had to recolor and then split to match together.

-I will attempt all I can for this section, he's been in so many movies, I may just do the popular ones.

*About the Gallery*

- The Gallery is made of a single black table with nine cells, it also holds nine shadow casting thumbnails. Those can easily be made with a good graphics editor.

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