I am going to make this extremely brief, I have so many pics of ken you wouldn't be able to fit them in the 11 meg I am offered for this home page. Here are just a few that you might recognize him in.

The image on my front page, it's he CUTE?! Ken in the Stage version of Loves Labor Lost Henry the 5th on stage, he's not so young anymore
add for Kenneth as best actor in Othello he played Iago in the movie in 1998. Directing the soon to be released Love's Labor Lost, opening this spring. a fan caught him outside of his trailer while making the 1998 movie 'The Gingerbread Man'.
Loveless in Wild Wild West going into one of his... fits. Loveless with LEGS!! Ken is by one of those director chair thingies. the poster of a new movie coming out some time in 2000 or 2001.

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