Origins: The Interstellar League of Evil, or T.I.L.E. as it is often refurred to, was oringinally began by one of our 6 founding members "The Magician" in hope of bringing new villains and story ideas to the Sailor Moon RPG community (which is still short on both). However, due to lack of time and HTML knowledge, he decided that maybe this was not the best approach to the situation and set out on other projects. So over a year later, he handed TILE over to 'The Evil under Lord', that would be me.

I took this page because, even though the web is vast, Evil is the only constant in such an ever changing place. I plan to make the world know what is really going on in the shadows and make them fear for their very lives!! MWAHAHAAH *ahem* sorry ... I also plab to have shrines or info on almost every evil person I can get my hands on, not just SailorMoon!

This page is suited best for faster modems, and I am afraid that is beyond my control. I hate slow pages, and it pains me that I own one.
Best viewed in IE 5.0, since netscape sucks ass far beyond your comprehension and because anyone who has to pay for a browser deserves it.

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March 29, 2k1