Oh my god! It's been over a year since I last updated. I've had some falling out with a few friends. It's been a very very very very rough year for me... *hangs head pathetically* anyway... This place isn't dead, so to speak... just really on hiatus. Like REALLY on hiatus... for real. I'm not killing it, and red princess is still kind of active, but the groups been busy too. No time in life for silly little webspaces.. It's not dead because I'd like to really get going on bits and pieces. I don't feel inclined to write that much anymore. ... I really want to finish my kaguya shrine... no love for sailormoon anymore... I JUST DON"T WANT TO LET IT GO!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Don't worry, even if it's another 5 years, as long as tripod doesn't delete it. I'll be around kinda. Btw, all my emails are dead... so use the guestbook and watch out for germans. ;)

Finally got rid of that free background stuff. I probably have a few links to update. Soon you can find them at red princess. it's under the associate's link.

Alright, page 3 of rayearth wallpaper is complete. That's all the rayearth I have in mind. It is oddly free of my commentary. Don't worry that will change!

Nothing really to report yet. I have a whole ton of wallpaper made. More rayearth, X/1999 and some final fantasy stuff. Just need to finished thumbnailing them.

Alright, 2 page of magic knight rayearth MANGA wallpaper. A 3rd to come.

Wow 2002... who would have ever thought we'd live to see it...
Anyway, I have a new wallpaper site. Should be easier to load and look at the stuff I have. I didn't keep all of my old ones, some were kind of nasty. So here are the moon ones updated. I'm hoping to find my old rayearth wallpapers.

Yesh, TILE is going to be a bit messy for a while. So hang in there with me.

Set up a local dir for my wallpaper. layout and everything!!
the bordered backgrounds are finally being moved to red princess.

Ok, since I've been gone a while and returned I can't help but noticed the overwhelming amount of trash files I have laying around my site. Also a lot of things I had originally intended and never given a second thought. So I would like to say right now I'll be fixing my subs and nav as well as finally sorting out stuff to do with this page. I also killed my Tomoe and Galaxia shrine. I still have the layouts nice and hidden somewhere but for now they are bye-bye. I also want to continue making my wallpaper. That's something I enjoy. So I'll bring that back to this page and hopefully organize it much better... hopefully.

BACK, yes, I'm back... whatever that means... Not that I accomplished anything while I was here but I was open to humor my viewers with some kind of bogus promise of new things... Well for what it's worth, I'm back.

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