-Updates -

I found a new friend. A Jadeite shrine, go check her out.

Working on Link Me! area. The poll was reset. VOTE GOD DAMN IT!!!! Notes to self:

    - Get new BG for site dirs.
    - Move corners and layouts to red princess.
    - Do something to frost*bite before Kaguya gets pissed.
    - Watch S movie 999,000,000,000,001 times & take better notes.
    - Re-invent my page navigation. oy...
    - Kiss my Doctor, after I've been diagnosed unclean!!

Alright, Fisheye is the winner in this Months wallpaper poll. I am so sorry guys. I am just in kind of a wallpaper slump, but at least it's cute.
Also started work on my Tomoe shrine, *coughfinallycough* and hopefully my Galaxia (not an anti-shrine MIRANDA) site.

07-5-01: OK an idea for another shrine. Villain's been updated, um.. answered my mail... finally. B&P is being worked on, I am trying to type up what I've writen. Going to try to work on that long delayed tomoe shrine. Finally fixed my damn comet info for frost*bite. Now it doesn't sound like a 4 yera old wrote it.

07-5-01: OK an idea for another shrine. Villain's been updated, um.. answered my mail... finally. B&P is being worked on, I am trying to type up what I've writen. Going to try to work on that long delayed tomoe shrine. Finally fixed my damn comet info for frost*bite. Now it doesn't sound like a 4 yera old wrote it.

06-18-01: Back from (yeah right) vacation. So I have a lot of updating to do. I have just updated my wallpaper poll, so GO VOTE DAMN IT . I've also added the June winner, Aluminum Siren, to the Desktop Paper Gallery. Oh and changed my eye candy index image for those of your bored to tears with VesVes.

05-29-01: I have added some villain stuff to red princess. Finally starting to get the stuff I made for TILE up. Villain! Will be updated next month, no really. It will. Ack damn it, Minki I still need to mail you that stuff... :P I'm forgetful...

04-07-01: FINALLY! I have finished not only moving my wallpaper but also made a new zirconia and sapphire bg. Yeah it looks a little messy but all the paper is still there. Any errors or something let me know!
Oh yeah, don't forget to vote for your favorite villain in the poll for next month!!

03-30-01: Not that you care, but I finally got a layout up for the clique area. Seems most of the ones I joined died.
Also I've rediscoved that I have an FAQ. I've updated the info in there, but it still needs work.

- I think I've already announced this but incase I didn't here we go: my free stuff is moving to Red Princess. It will still be mine and up for you all to use, just not on my page anymore. I will be keeping my wallpaper here in TILE still and no matter how far behind I get we'll still have the contest.
- The Fisheye shrine has been located! Instead of attempting to spend more of my time and effort in making yet another page, I have asked a friend to become the new TILE fisheye shrine. I'd never have half the stuff Minki does so Memoirs of a Fish is here for you!
- New Guestbook, you will see a few others around the pages too. I like to view the ISP of my signers.

02-24-01: Oy, my moronic brain has come up with yet another idea for a page, this one is more personal that the others so it will, of course, progress differantly. "Bits and Pieces" is for my writing side, perhaps it will inspire me to type more info everywhere else across the page.
Incase you are wondering, nothing has really changed, I have just added a new index, everything is still here, let me know if I have forgotten anything. I needed a little change. I am going to be dropping some of my original ideas unless I am totally finished with the ones I have, such as a music gallery and certain combo shrines. I have been neglecting Kaguya.... yes my queen I hear you...
I also encourage you to vote in the survey for next months wallpaper. Oh and any broken links please tell me about!! I'm sure that I will find them but it does't hurt to check.

02-16-01: Couple new banners, and Zoicite flamed me. He's been trying to say that he doesn't flame people but he's already flamed the anti-page and his member brag about Flaming the RPG Busters to closing. If you have been flamed by Zoicite Nightdragon, it was HIM don't listen to the little lies he's trying to tell you.

01-17-01: Ok wp moving in progress, I think these will be divided in a little better order for you too. I fixed the paper poll finally, and it will be a while before it's done so have fun voting while you can. I am hoping to finish the paper moving this weekend and start work on the long neglected frost*bite...

01-06-01: Oh god! Work sucks, I seem to be finding myself signing on for 5 to 10 minutes at a time... on top of that about.com *flip* bought 50megs.com and ruined the already bad filemanager. So I'm going to spend the next 6 months trying to move all of my wallpaper to angelfire or something. But do you know what really ticks the piss out of me? 50megs.com reset everyone's password to the same $^#$ thing!! If you own a page there, change your PW and MOVE!!!!

12-10-00: I updated my page wallpaper with all those popular little game images people put all over. They are small and fast so it should be fun for your evil pages.

12-06-00: I finally found those missing buster banners. And uploaded some new villain background. Finally updated the wallpaper section and added the new area I was talking about for non-sailormoon baddies.

11-28-00: I just added some new free banners! After like 6 months of neglect. 5 Galaxia and a donated, and I will have some of VesVes or a death buster soon. I have the wallpaper finished, I really do!! Just need to upload it.

11-25-00: So much for my free time.. :P I'm attempting to update villain... no really.
I have 2 WPs in progress and a new area for you, check the wallpaper. A new Phi and Chi as well as Zirconia/Zircron since they tied.

10-17-00: Well, updates are going slowly. I'm not in a hurry and I've been swamped at work lately. But Queen Beryl unexpectedly won the wallpaper contest (which I have just updated). As you can see my "to-do" list is growing but I'm not giving up yet.

09-11-00: I've got my Prof. Tomoe shrine in the works, with some donated info. It's going to be a while before I can finish Frost*Bite, but I never have enough to do O_O.
I've been messing with the links, and found a site to buy all the Pocky I can stand online. Also we've got 2 finalists in the survey for wallpaper. Tin Nynako and Saffire we'll be deciding who gets it by friday night. Vote now.

08-10-00: I have added some new banners, and finally gotten around to making some fairly good bordered backgrounds for your web page!!! Yippie!!

Tripod finally discovered that pages with out a background html tag didn't have pop-ups, so now I'm going to be adding bg colors and stuff to the rest of the page now that I don't have to worry about it.

07-31-00: Fixed the Buttons!! Check out the banner section and you can find links to blank buttons and email buttons. Thanks for reminding me Glitter. Also the site poll is updated. Go find some one you want for the last august wallpaper.

07-23-00: More wallpaper!! I'm up to page 3 with Aerith's help. If you have any to submit, don't be shy.

07-18-00: I've got 2 donated AQ wallpapers for you from Aerith. Oh and anyone confused, I DO have 800x600. Just click the image of your wanted evil paper, and it will be hiding under it.

07-16-00: A friend of mine discovered that ChibiUsa is plotting against us!! I've linked the little spores diary o' destruction so that we will know what she's planning when it hits us. Although she must really like TILE, that little black skull is linked to us...
YES! I finally have my corner layouts organized and zipped!

07-13-00: I cleared the updates maybe this time I can keep them organized.
My counter went wonky. It's still counting but the image thingy isn't working.
Sailor Bronze Mongoose reminded me I had a links section. I found most of the links dead, if you want me to link you let me know way and we'll see what happens. Mwahaha!
I have a Palla Palla wallpaper. I am expecting more aq donations soon.
I moved the banners back to Tripod. No more gurl pages nah nah ahaha! I love 50 meg.
I've been slacking on frost bite, although I just added a bunch of actually comet science info. See I really need to watch the S movie like 50 more times before I can really finish it, THEN I have to compile my info. Over and over again. @.@
I've also decided that my "World had gone Insane" area will take stuff from people other than me. Write up something that really ticks you off or something your disgusted with about the world and I will add it.

07-04-00: It's amazing how I have accomplished absolutely nothing since I have returned ... but I have lots of wallpaper for you. Go check it out, SuperS villains!!

12-18-99: Today I added the guestbook, and update page!! I've been tinkering with the main page pic. I have decided that it will be a single villains and not the whole season like I was planning, but that way you get more eye candy, and better quality pics.

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