The S Movie!

    The SailorMoon S Movie is the second out of three movies ever made for SailorMoon, and runs 60 minutes long (about 2 episodes). It was based on a special manga that Naoko did just after the S series manga. I will have more on the manga later.

    (THIS IS STILL BRIEF and full of typos)
    In the beginning of the movie we are presented with a view of earth from space, above it is the moon. Eerie music highlights the scene. From out of the darkness a glimmer shines threateningly across the sky. It's heading towards earth. The strange object is the Ice Comet, and it's covered with snow and ice.

    Two dark eyes appear as a wicked female voice talks about add earth to "her collection." We then see the full figure of a lady covered in shimmering veils and made of ice. She then throws 5 objects across the sky from the comet. It's hard to make out what they are.

    Meanwhile, a young scientist sitting in his observitory, stares at the night sky through a very powerful telescope. (He looks like a younger, blonder Prof Tomoe, with out the glasses.) When suddenly, a bright light catches his attention. The Ice Comet. One of the objects it throws off lands nearby. He rushes outside the Observitory, to see were it went. Just across the shore a few miles away. He jumps in his car to go find it. When he gets there a few moments later, he finds a shining crator with a single redish crystal like thing laying at the bottom. {image here}

    Enter SailorMoon Theme and Intro!
    After that dramatic sequense, we here the opening theme and find Usagi and the others shopping.